How To Replace Just the Glass in a Single Hung Window

How To Replace Just the Glass in a Single Hung Window

Single hung windows are classic, energy-efficient options for many homeowners. These windows open one way, minimizing energy loss and preventing drafts.

Cracks or other forms of damage to your windows may compromise your windows’ energy efficiency, necessitating window replacement. Here is how to install replacement window glass on a single hung window:

Get the Right Tools

Using the right tools makes the widow replacement job simpler and minimizes your risk of injury or window damage.

You should find high-quality eye protection to keep debris from getting into your eyes as you remove the window from the frame. Gloves minimize your risk of cutting yourself on the window glass, particularly when removing broken glass.

Caulk is necessary for sealing your window glass, preventing air leaks, and keeping out moisture. You’ll need a putty knife to apply and smooth the sealant around the edges of the replacement window glass to secure it to the window frame. If you need to resize the window glass before installation, get a glass cutter and measuring tape to measure the window’s dimensions before cutting. 

Measure the Window

Measure the height and width of your window opening to determine the correct size of replacement pane to order. Your window glass supplier can tell you what pane size will fit your window based on your measurements. If you make an error in your measurements and order a large pane, you can have the pane cut to size by a professional window installer. 

Prepare Your Work Area

Put on your protective goggles and gloves before you start. Lay a towel or old newspapers on the floor next to the window to catch any debris that might fall as you remove the window. Open the window and secure it in place using a wooden block or similar object to keep it from closing unexpectedly. Remove broken glass shards from the window piece by piece, being careful not to cut yourself.

If the window glass is whole, you’ll need to loosen it from the frame to remove it. Use your putty knife to scrape the old sealant from the window. You can use a heat gun to soften the material before scraping it off. Once the window is loose, remove it gently from the frame, then scrape any remaining debris from the frame to prepare it for the new glass installation. 

Install the New Glass

Apply a silicone caulk or adhesive compound in a thin layer along the inner edge of the window frame. This creates a watertight seal and holds the replacement glass pane in place. Use a putty knife to smooth the adhesive and remove the excess material. Carefully place the new glass pane into the frame, pressing it firmly. 

You can use painter’s tape to hold the windowpane in place while the adhesive or sealant sets. Once the glass pane is in place, replace any removed frame elements to secure the glass. You can then apply another layer of sealant to the window’s edges for an extra seal. 

Get Quality Replacement Window Glass

When replacing your window glass, take the time to measure and prepare the installation area for a streamlined installation. Consult a window supplier for help finding the replacement window glass size and type for your windows. The correct glass type prevents heat transfer and drafts in your home.

Glass supply companies may also offer glass installation services that help you save time and effort. Buy replacement glass for your windows from a reputable supplier to get high-quality, long-lasting products. Contact a glass supplier and installer today to learn more about finding the right replacement window glass for your next project.

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